Michelle's E-Portfolio

Teaching, Traveling, Learning...


Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves.

Euripedes, Greek Playwright, 480-406 B.C.


For the past eighteen years, I have been working as a teacher in various countries around the world, in a variety of capacities.  I have enjoyed learning about new places, cultures, and traditions as much as I have enjoyed teaching others about my own, and sharing a passion for learning itself. 

I created this online portfolio in an OISE  Masters of Education course titled: 1799 - Enhancing Holistic Learning With Computer Technology, and it is my hope that this collection of insights into my teaching adventures and  practices will better enable future employers and colleagues to gain insights into my overseas teaching experiences.   Additionally, it may, perhaps be helpful for others wishing to pursue experience in the international teaching field or to create their own web-pages or e-portfolios, and provide a window into international teaching contexts for my family and friends at home.  

Please enjoy your own travels through my pages, as you view information about my academic and professional teaching and life experiences, both in Canada and overseas.